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Technical overview

MBSnavigation: guidance software for service robots

  • Generic

  • Modular

MBSnavigation is a generic and modular guidance software that can efficiently and safely automate conveying and surface coverage tasks in various environments.

This software was developped thanks to research conducted at HEUDIASYC Lab of Université de Technologie de Compiègne.

Guidance systems developed with MBSnavigation are based on the following principles:

  • Recognition and mapping of the surface to cover, automatic localization (SLAM)

  • Field advanced working safety,

  • Autonomous embedded system designed to work with low-cost components and sensors,

  • Carefully designed, intuitive user interface,

  • Integrated job component,

  • Progressive, modular hardware and software development architecture, based on market standards that guarantee evolutivity of the application.

With its small memory footprint, MBSnavigation can be embedded in domestic and professionnal robots for various tasks:


Our know-how provides means of cleaning by vacuuming, auto washing or sweeping on flat surfaces. The solution we have developed is capable of assisting the operator by carrying out these routine tasks autonomously, thus making this time available for more productive tasks.

MBSnavigation for home and industrial cleaning automation


Specific know-how is developped for automatic lawn mowing in gardens, green areas and golfs. It can be adapted to electric, gasoline and hydrostatic mowers and saves you considerable time in repetitive mowing tasks.

MBSnavigation for lawn mowing automation


Our expertise in autonomous intelligent technologies with low production cost enables us to respond to automatic surface coverage needs in aggressive, ultra clean, industrial, road and other environments.

MBSnavigation for surface coverage automation


With fully autonomous guidance, automatic conveying is achieved without adding any beacon in the environment. Installation and set up is fast and easy.

MBSnavigation for conveying automation

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