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Aptina Imaging camera modules

  • High sensitivity sensors

  • Monochrome or color

  • Global shutter

  • High dynamic range (HDR) > 100dB

  • Connection via FFC 30 pins

  • Low power: CMOS sensor

  • M12x0,5 (S-Mount) lens holder

  • Small size, low weight

  • Low cost

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MBS7720 MBS032 MBS034 MBSV034 camera modules Omnivision OV7720 Micron Aptina MT9V032 MT9V022 MT9V034 MT9V024

General description

Aptina Imaging has developped a set of sensors dedicated to driving assistance systems. Requirements for these systems is similar to those for robotics vision:

  • global shutter

    Because the sensor is moving, simultaneous capture of all pixels provides an accurate image. A rolling shutter typically distorts images during motion.

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

    Lighting conditions of the captured scene are not constant. There are often large lighting variations in a scene leading to highly contrasted images. A sensor with a linear response provides saturated images in these situations. Some regions are fully black or white because the dynamic range is less than about 60dB. This problem is very common with webcams because they use such linear sensor. To avoid saturation, the pixel sensitivity of some Aptina sensors can be programmed to mimic a logarithmic response similar to the human eye sensitivity. In this mode, the dynamic range can be higher than 100dB.

  • high sensitivity

    When there is no artificial light source, the scene lighting lighting conditions can be very poor: a few Lux only. Aptina MT9V034 sensor has a sensitivity of 4.8V/Lux.sec to operate in such situation.

  • synchronization

    The scene might be captured on special event or with multiple sensors: stereovision for example. To guarantee data consistency, signals from sensor control logic are accessible: trigger, exposure time, master/slave behaviour, etc.

  • CMOS technology

    This technology allows high integration of all circuits in a single chip. It is a low power technology. Production costs are low too enabling its use in many applications.

All camera modules are connected to the processor board via a 30 pins FFC cable as long as 200mm. Thus, the camera modude can be placed independently of the processor board or mounted on a pan/tilt platform. The pinout can be found in the module datasheets and here.

All modules include a M12x0.5 (S-Mount) lens holder. They accept a wide range of lenses, from low cost models up to high performance lenses for machine vision.

Product reference

MBSV034M-FFC (Monochrome)

MBSV034C-FFC (Color)

MBSV034-FFC datasheet

Product image

MBS032 MBS034 MBSV034 Micron Aptina MT9V032 MT9V022 MT9V034 MT9V024 CMOS sensor camera module

Board size

26 x 20 mm



Lens mount

M12 x 0.5 (S-Mount)


Micron/Aptina MT9V034

(similar to MT9V024)

DigitalClarity® technology

MT9V024 product flyer - MT9V032 limited datasheet

sensor datasheet

Read MT9V034 / MT9V032 differences here


WVGA 752x480


down to 188x120, monochrome only

Pixel size

6.0µm x 6.0µm

Output format

Y 8/10 bits (Monochome)

Raw RGB 8/10 bits (Color)

Optical format


Max frame rate

60fps for WVGA



Shutter type


Scan mode


Dynamic range

>55dB in linear mode;

up to 100dB in non-linear mode: high dynamic range HDR
Note: colors obtained with the color version may be altered in HDR mode.

Additionnal features

  • Automatic image control: AEC, AGC

  • Extra connector with STLN_OUT, STFRM_OUT, EXPOSURE signals (master/slave chips synchro) and LED_OUT

  • Near infrared (NIR) enhanced sensitivity

Typical use

  • Feature detection (edges, interest points) during motion (global shutter)

  • Self localization and mapping (SLAM) with feature detection

  • Localization systems with infrared beacons (NIR sensitivity)

  • Image understanding of contrasted scenes (indoor / outoor robotics visual navigation, driving assistance, surveillance)

  • Color image acquisition in motion (global shutter).

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MT9V034 / MT9V032 differences

MT9V034 is an evolution of Aptina MT9V032 successful sensor. Major improvments are :

  • power consumption divided by 2 : < 160mW at maximum data rate

  • context switching : MT9V024/MT0V034 have 2 acquisition contexts and they can switch from one to the other in one frame. Registers containing acquisition parameters are duplicated in 2 sets called contexts A and B. Context A can be configured for optimal performance in dark scenes and B for bright scenes. When lighting conditions change suddenly, the sensor can adapt quickly.

  • fine shutter control : down from raw time to clock cyle precision

  • higher flexibility to configure HiDy mode

  • reduced charge leakage improves image quality of moving objects

  • additional internal improvements

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Software support

All proposed camera modules are supported on our Xscale® boards with Video For Linux V4L2 compatible drivers. The drivers are carefully optimized for highest frame rate via DMA to minimize CPU charge. Some drivers include additionnal sensor specific features that greatly enhance their performance.

MBS270 MBS320 PXA270
 PXA320 embedded vision system

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Ordering information and prices

Product #


Unit price excl. VAT


Camera module with Aptina MT9V034 Monochrome sensor, 30-pin FFC connector and M12x0.5 lens holder.

53 EUR


Camera module with Aptina MT9V034 Color sensor, 30-pin FFC connector and M12x0.5 lens holder.

53 EUR


2 receptacle housings (Harwin M40-1100600) with 6 pre-crimped contacts (Harwin M40-9000099, single ended, 150mm long)


NB: to order the old MBS034M reference, you need now to order 3 references separetely:
  MBSV034M-FFC-3V3 + FFC0530-L100 + LENS-6MM
The same applies to MBS034C.

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